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Tag: WWE

Daniel Bryan To ROH?

Daniel Bryan on Twitter dropped his biggest public hint yet that he intends to return to the independent wrestling scene once his current WWE contract expires. After congratulating Cody Rhodes […]

Mauro Ranallo Returns To WWE

In what has to be considered shocking news, especially since he has been announced as the commentator for the monster Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, Mauro Ranallo has revealed […]

Money In The Bank 2017

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Arnold Furious: June 18, 2017. We’re in St Louis, Missouri. Hosts are Tom Phillips, his airline erection, JBL and Byron Saxton.   Women’s Money in the […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (02/08/97)

Lee Maughan: And with the whole Shotgun concept dead in the water, the WWF was unable to locate an actual nightclub for its final edition, instead setting up stall in Penn […]

SmackDown Live Ratings Disaster

Tuesday’s SmackDown Live saw numbers plummet to their second lowest level since the brand split, ahead of only the 11/8 episode which went up against coverage of the Presidential election. […]

Early MITB Odds Suggests Corbin Victory

Paddy Power has revealed its odds for Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, which if correct suggest SmackDown Live is going in an interesting – though not exactly appealing – […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/25/97)

Lee Maughan:   Bret Hart vs. Mankind Owen Hart joins Vince McMahon and Sunny at the announce table for this one, tights and all even though he’s not actually wrestling […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/18/97)

Lee Maughan: Three weeks in and there’s already a change to the format, as we’re out of New York and into San Antonio, with everyone in town for tomorrow’s Royal Rumble. […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/11/97)

Lee Maughan: And we’ve got bad news right from the off this week as the Sisters of Love were arrested for soliciting outside the Disney store earlier today, so they’re already […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/04/97)

Lee Maughan: 1996 has morphed into 1997 and WCW are winning the war with Monday Nitro, a New World Order-powered juggernaut on wrestling’s televisual landscape. ECW are continuing to make a […]

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H Imminent?

The current plan for the Kurt Angle texts storyline is for Triple H and/or Stephanie McMahon to be behind the messages, leading to their inevitable return to Raw. Neither has […]

Raw Gets Trounced By NBA Playoffs

As many expected – including WWE – last night’s episode of Raw was soundly thumped in the ratings by the Warriors-Cavaliers NBA playoff game, which drew a phenomenal 24.47 million […]

Ranallo And Goldberg Sign With Bellator

Mauro Ranallo has signed up for his first major gig since leaving WWE, joining forces with former long-time UFC announcer Mike Goldberg as the new voices of Bellator. Here is […]

Jim Cornette And Vince Russo Return To War

The decades-long ill-feeling between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette shows no sign of abating following a recent public spat on their podcasts and social media. On the latest edition of […]