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Category: DVD

#WWE57003 – John Cena – Word Life

  James Dixon: Ghetto John Cena welcomes us to West Newbury, MA, where it all started for him. We skip the customary family talk in exchange for a handful of […]

#WWE55895 – The Stone Cold Truth

  Justin Henry: This is a release of a biography that previously aired in November 2003 on UPN, SmackDown!‘s home for its first seven years. It is highlighted by Steve […]

#WWE55893 – The Monday Night War

Lee Maughan: Eric Bischoff wins the award for the first bit of bullshit, insinuating that Nitro stole RAW’s audience, which was never really the case. The theory at the time […]

#WWE59383 – Rey Mysterio – 619

Lee Maughan: A bunch of Mysterio’s pals and peers pay lip service to him, with Dean Malenko dubbing him “the Fred Astaire of flying”, although it’s hard to accept the […]

#WWE59385 – Divas – Desert Heat

Lee Maughan: It’s always a mad scramble in the office at History of Wrestling HQ to claim the best tapes and DVDs whenever a new Complete WWE Guide comes around, […]

#WWE59381 – Raw Tenth Anniversary

James Dixon: We begin with a montage covering the first ten years, which makes RAW seem like a far better show than it generally tends to be. And believe me, […]