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Category: WWE

Monday Night Raw (02/27/95)

James Dixon: After all the ballyhoo surrounding the 1000th episode of Raw, it may come as a surprise to modern fans that the 100th went without so much as a passing […]

Monday Night Raw (02/20/95)

James Dixon: We are live in Macon, Georgia, as Raw returns from its dog show induced hiatus. Or high anus, if you are Randy Savage. Tonight it is champion versus champions […]

Monday Night Raw (02/06/95)

James Dixon: Hosted by Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, who have quite obviously been superimposed over a shot of the crowd in an attempt to make the show seem live. What’s […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (02/08/97)

Lee Maughan: And with the whole Shotgun concept dead in the water, the WWF was unable to locate an actual nightclub for its final edition, instead setting up stall in Penn […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (02/01/97)

Lee Maughan: “Back to where it all began!” barks Vince McMahon, as if the previous four weeks have been some sort of epic journey. Out in the streets, Paul Bearer and […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/25/97)

Lee Maughan:   Bret Hart vs. Mankind Owen Hart joins Vince McMahon and Sunny at the announce table for this one, tights and all even though he’s not actually wrestling […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/18/97)

Lee Maughan: Three weeks in and there’s already a change to the format, as we’re out of New York and into San Antonio, with everyone in town for tomorrow’s Royal Rumble. […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/11/97)

Lee Maughan: And we’ve got bad news right from the off this week as the Sisters of Love were arrested for soliciting outside the Disney store earlier today, so they’re already […]

Shotgun Saturday Night (01/04/97)

Lee Maughan: 1996 has morphed into 1997 and WCW are winning the war with Monday Nitro, a New World Order-powered juggernaut on wrestling’s televisual landscape. ECW are continuing to make a […]

WWE Hints At Several New DVD Titles

A recent WWE Fan Council survey has hinted at some of the DVD releases the company is considering. Shawn Michaels – Unreleased ‘Unreleased’ seems to be a running theme in […]

NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Arnold Furious: January 28, 2017. We’re in San Antonio, Texas. Hosts are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Percy Watson. Corey is making his final Takeover […]

Extreme Rules 2017

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK)   Arnold Furious: June 4 2017. We’re in Baltimore, Maryland. Hosts are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Booker T. This is a solid announce team.   […]

Monday Night Raw (01/30/95)

Arnold Furious: We’re in Palmetto, Florida, with this filmed after last week’s live Raw. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Two-man Rumble Mabel vs. King […]

Monday Night Raw (01/23/95)

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Arnold Furious: We’re in Palmetto, Florida at the Manatee Civic Center. Between this and Houston the WWF looks to be expanding into larger arenas for Raw […]

Monday Night Raw (01/16/95)

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Arnold Furious: We’re in Houston, Texas. This show was taped after the live Raw the previous week. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. The latter […]

Monday Night Raw (01/09/95)

WATCH NOW (ON WWE NETWORK) Arnold Furious: We’re LIVE in Houston, Texas at the Summit for the second year anniversary of Monday Night Raw. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. […]