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Category: Japan

NJPW Dominion 6.11 in Osaka-jo Hall

Arnold Furious: June 11, 2017. We’re in Osaka at Osaka-Jo Hall. The English language commentary comes from Kevin Kelly and Don Callis. I’m reasonably happy with this team. It’s panning […]

NJPW G1 Climax 25 – Day 2

Arnold Furious: 23rd July 2015. We’re in Shizuoka, Japan for Day Two of the G1. Day One focused on Block A where Hiroshi Tanahashi and AJ Styles, the pre-tournament favourites, both […]

AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Final

Arnold Furious: April 30 2017. We’re in Fukuoka, Japan at the Hakata Star Lanes. It’s a weird location for the finals of the Champion Carnival and there are only 875 fans […]

NJPW G1 Climax 25 – Day 1

Arnold Furious: This year I’m trying something a little different for G1. Normally I watch the shows that I like the look of and if anything else gets good reviews I’ll […]

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom XI

Arnold Furious: January 4 2017. We’re in the Tokyo Dome for WK 11. English language hosts are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. That’s been the best pairing New Japan have come […]

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom IX

Arnold Furious: We’re in Tokyo, Japan at the Dome. Hosts are Jim Ross and Matt Striker. It is very weird having an English commentary track for a Japanese show. The last […]

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom VIII

Arnold Furious: You know how WrestleMania is a bit on the long side? Well, Wrestle Kingdom is getting longer every damn year and this years (2014) show ran to a staggering […]

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom VII

Arnold Furious: 4.1.13. The first major Japanese show of the year is also the biggest. Wrestle Kingdom has become New Japan’s flagship PPV event. Held in the Tokyo Dome, also known […]

NJPW The New Beginning In Osaka 2016

Arnold Furious: February 11, 2016. We’re in Osaka, Japan. Super No Vacancy. Just over 5000 in attendance. I completely forgot this was happening and missed the entire first half of the […]

NJPW Power Struggle 2015

Arnold Furious: 7th November 2015. This is my first full New Japan show since G1, on account of a) how incredibly burnt out you get watching one promotion almost constantly for […]

Wrestle Kingdom 10

Arnold Furious: We’re in Tokyo, Japan at the Tokyo Dome for New Japan’s biggest show of the year, which is also the biggest Japanese wrestling event of the year. Like with […]

Dominion 7.5 in Osaka-jo Hall (2015)

Arnold Furious: 5th July 2015. We’re in Osaka, Japan. Dominion has a stacked card, the biggest since Wrestle Kingdom with the main event being the unpredictable AJ Styles vs. Kazuchika Okada […]

Stardom Gold (May 2017)

  Arnold Furious: We’re in Korakuen Hall, with a shade under a thousand in attendance, for Stardom Gold! Stardom has come under sharp focus of late with news of their […]