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Smart Money In For Great Balls Of Fire

The smart money has come in early for WWE’s Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, which takes place this evening.

In something of a surprise, Braun Strowman has been installed as the heavy 1/8 favourite in the ambulance match clash with WWE chosen one Roman Reigns (9/2). With the main event of SummerSlam set to pit Reigns against Brock Lesnar, it seemed likely that Roman would win this scrap. WWE’s quirky booking style – where wins and losses do not matter – appears to feel different. They intend to beat Roman before he dethrones Lesnar, making him appear beatable for future challengers.

Brock Lesnar (1/12) is even for heavily favoured for the Universal title showdown with Samoa Joe (6/1), perhaps the most hotly anticipated WWE match since WrestleMania. We expect Joe to put forth a much better showing for himself than most do against Lesnar, but for Brock to ultimately retain.

The break-up of Enzo & Cass has been expected since the day the duo debuted on the main roster. Cass has a significant upside in WWE’s eyes, specifically because he is tall. Enzo has the gift of the gab that some fans seem to enjoy, but he is let down with sloppy in-ring work and inconsistent selling. Based on the odds, Enzo (11/2) is set to be the first victim of the Cass (1/10) mega-push, not a viable threat.

In another surprise, Bray Wyatt (1/6), who loses the majority of his big show matches, is expected to defeat the flailing Seth Rollins (7/2). Rollins has struggled to gain traction as one of the Raw brand’s top babyfaces, a role which he is unsuited for. Wyatt’s predicted victory establishes him as a more credible possible opponent for expected new champion (post-SummerSlam) Reigns, unless WWE undoes the booking on Raw or the following pay-per-view events.

The Miz (1/10) has been a tremendous ambassador for the Intercontinental championship since the Raw after WrestleMania in 2016. He has dropped the strap several times since then only to regain it when WWE realise he is the best option to carry the gold. With Miz carrying the title, it has prestige. GBOF opponent Dean Ambrose (11/2) held the belt for several months in early 2017 and did absolutely nothing with it. There’s no reason for WWE to return to that well any time soon. Ambrose, is damaged good.

The Raw Women’s title is similarly elevated around the waist of WWE’s top women’s star of the past twelve months, the increasingly-popular Alexa Bliss (1/9). GBOF opponent Sasha Banks is merely babyface fresh meat for her to run through before the inevitable SummerSlam showdown with Nia Jax.

The final match on the card is a thirty-minute iron man tag match pitting champions Sheamus & Cesaro (1/12) against former champions the Hardy Boyz (6/1). With reports suggesting that Matt Hardy is close to reaching an agreement with Impact parent company Anthem Sports over the rights to use the ‘Broken’ gimmick, it seems likely that he and Jeff will be allowed to go their separate ways after this match. There is no chance of them walking out as tag champions tonight. Quite who heels Sheamus & Cesaro will work with next is unclear, but knowing WWE they will just flip flop someone into the spot.

A £10 accumulator with SkyBet will return you £20 if you go with all of the favourites.


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