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Daniel Bryan To ROH?

Daniel Bryan on Twitter dropped his biggest public hint yet that he intends to return to the independent wrestling scene once his current WWE contract expires.

After congratulating Cody Rhodes on becoming ROH World Champion following a victory over Christopher Daniels at Best In The World 2017, Bryan posted the following:

Side note, if you hold the @ringofhonor title 462 days I may have to come after you, which would be 9/28/18. Be forewarned! #FinalCountdown

Fall 2018 is when Bryan’s WWE contract is due to expire, and he has previously made little secret of his opinion that he does not consider his wrestling career to be over. WWE are unlikely to ever clear him – certainly not while there is an active class action concussion lawsuit against them – and Bryan is motivated only by wrestling, he has no interest in training or being an on-air personality, a role he is forced to endure now so that he can work out his deal.

Obviously in hot water with management over the tweet, Bryan later posted: #trollingforlife with a cool guy emoji, but don’t read too much into that. Bryan has said similar things before about his desire to return to the ring.

While we don’t expect Cody to hold the ROH title for for long enough to defend against Bryan, we do fully expect to see DB competing again for Ring of Honor and for select groups on the Indy circuit.


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