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Kurt Angle vs. Triple H Imminent?

The current plan for the Kurt Angle texts storyline is for Triple H and/or Stephanie McMahon to be behind the messages, leading to their inevitable return to Raw.

Neither has been seen since WrestleMania, though absence has not exactly made the heart grow fonder. Stephanie was such an intolerable part of Raw every week that we frankly hoped she would never be back.

That being said, the prospect of Steph renewing her fling from 17 years ago with Kurt, leading to a showdown between Angle and Triple H, is an intriguing one. Angle vs. Hunter is a match we have been told will definitely happen at some point in the next 12 months (Hunter just loves beating those returning legends), and it seems WWE are keen to bring the showdown forward to SummerSlam due to falling ratings, rather than wait for WrestleMania.

Angle has not yet been cleared to wrestle by WWE, but prior to signing with the company he worked several independent dates with no problems, including a trio of matches with former WWE star Cody Rhodes. When Angle re-signed he did so with the intention of working at least one more match, something he has been wanting for years.


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