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WWE Hints At Several New DVD Titles

A recent WWE Fan Council survey has hinted at some of the DVD releases the company is considering.

Shawn Michaels – Unreleased
‘Unreleased’ seems to be a running theme in WWE recently, with an Unreleased: 1986-1995 DVD already on the release docket for later this year. A Shawn Michaels Unreleased disc would cover several of the great matches he has had (and there are plenty to choose from) that have not been given the DVD treatment. I would expect hidden gems such as his rarely talked about battle with Marty Jannetty from 1992 (as seen in the Year In Review 1992 VHS) and 1991 clashes with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect to make the cut, along with select house show bouts and matches from lesser pay-per-views such as In Your House. How much do we want it? Shawn is arguably the greatest in-ring performer of all time, so this would be a must-have. 10/10

Ultimate Warrior – Unreleased
This is one close to our hearts here at History of Wrestling as we released a full career retrospective on Warrior a few years ago covering every televised match he ever had, so chances are we have seen everything that would likely be on here. There are undoubtedly some unknown belters with Rick Rude and Ted DiBiase here and there, but Warrior was not the sort of worker who had great matches on a routine basis, so the content may be stretched quite thin.
How much do we want it? Warrior has had several DVD releases dedicated to him over the past few years. The market does not need another one. 4/10

Macho Man – Unreleased
Like Warrior, Savage has had the DVD treatment a few times, so most of his best matches are already out there. However, unlike Warrior, the Macho Man was the sort of worker who went out and tried to steal the show every night, so there is a large back catalogue of excellent, unseen bouts out there. Some of his house show and TV battles with the likes of Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, Tito Santana, and Hulk Hogan were excellent and would be a welcome addition to any fan’s collection.
How much do we want it? Like Shawn, Savage had incredible matches throughout his career with a wide range of opponents. If WWE match selectors knew what to look for, this could be another essential release. 10/10

The Best Of Shotgun Saturday Night
I assume this one is a rib. Shotgun in its original form as Vince McMahon’s wacky interpretation of ECW-lite only lasted for a few weeks before a format change. It became a C-show featuring throwaway matches and recaps from Raw. Quite how WWE intends to get a full DVD set out of the content is a mystery.
How much do we want it? As fun as it would be to see some of the early nightclub Shotguns on DVD, the material available for this is wafer thin. 3/10

The Best Of Trish Stratus
Trish is held in the highest regard by WWE brass and often portrayed as the most successful female talent in company history. She was definitely good, but her body of work doesn’t quite match up to the high pedestal she is placed on.
How much do we want it? Trish was from an era where Bra & Panties matches and their ilk were the norm. These exploitative puppy showcases have no place in 2017. 1/10

The Best Of Andre The Giant
Given the reverence with which he is held by WWE, it is a surprise that there has not been an Andre the Giant release outside of the conversion of a 1995 VHS tape, and a late-90s TV documentary. While Andre was a monster draw, without any question, his matches were tough to watch, especially from the era WWE possesses the most footage from.
How much do we want it? Andre’s legacy warrants a feature-length set, but the quality of the content would be hard to endure. 3/10

The Best Of Ravishing Rick Rude
It’s about damn time! The way WWE have ignored Rick Rude for the past twenty years since that appearance on Nitro has been nothing short of a disgrace. Rude has never had so much as a VHS release, never mind the DVD treatment. He was one of the finest and perhaps most underappreciated workers of the 80s and 90s. This needed to be out yesterday.
How much do we want it? If WWE pick the right matches instead of solely focusing on their own major shows then this will be incredible. It’s a big ‘if’ though. 7/10

The Best Of Bruno Sammartino
WWE have only ever put one Bruno release out, a 1980s VHS tape which came out around the time of his in-ring comeback. Bruno was not an amazing wrestler by any means, but he was capable of putting on heated, exciting matches with the right opponents. It’s tough to see who this would appeal to in 2017 – most fans from Bruno’s era have long since stopped watching – but his legacy demands that this should exist.
How much do we want it? For historical purposes alone this release should be green-lit, especially while Bruno is still alive to talk about his finest moments. How much value there would be in it is another matter. 5/10

The Wyatt Family
The problem with the Wyatt Family is they have never been truly elevated beyond midcard status, with Bray in particular now associated with big match failure after suffering from years of poor booking. Bray could have been the WWE’s next Undertaker, but he has not been protected in anywhere near the same manner and it’s now too late. Overexposure of the gimmick and a lack of progression would be highlighted by a DVD release featuring the group.
How much do we want it? Not much. Wyatt and his posse have had some good matches (vs. The Shield in particular) but it is nothing you cannot quickly find on the Network. A DVD release seems redundant at this point. 2/10

Bayley / Sasha Banks
This is two individual titles, and I assume they are both jokes. Bayley and Sasha have had a cup of coffee run on WWE’s main roster, so a DVD release for either seems wildly premature. I understand wanting to capitalise on their respective popularity (even though both have waned since NXT), but the majority would need to come from NXT, which only serves to highlight the fairly uninspired way they have been utilised on main roster programming.
How much do we want it? Without any exclusive footage from pre-WWE to pad things out (which surely they could not use even if they had because the Performance Center ‘made them’) both releases would be short on worthwhile content. 2/10

The Women’s Revolution
This was pitched as a complete history of women’s wrestling in WWE, from Moolah to Bayley and everyone in between, rather than just focusing on the mindset change of the past year or so. Done correctly, this could be a fascinating look into the world of women’s wrestling, exploring the role of Moolah in the 80s, attempts to revitalise the division in the 90s with Alundra Blayze, the shift towards tits and ass with Sable in Attitude, the rise of Lita and Trish, the woeful Total Divas era, then the revival of the division courtesy of developmental league NXT. However, this is WWE, where revisionist history is the norm. Chances are the tale they tell will be of how women’s wrestling was always secondary until Stephanie McMahon came along and put the world to rights.
How much do we want it? It could be superb, it will probably be crap, but we would like to see it regardless. 8/10

NXT Greatest Matches: Volume 2
A collection of NXT matches from Network specials and the weekly TV show, featuring the plethora of world class talent that WWE have bought from the independent scene. It sounds great on paper, and we are sure it would be in practice. If anything, WWE is spoiled for choice. Every Network special tends to ‘hit’, and there are some crackers hidden away on the TV show. There is little doubt this release will see the light of day.
How much do we want it? While all of the content is going to be available already to Network subs, having it contained in one place is definitely convenient. 7/10


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