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Jeff Hardy Instagram Post Fuels Rumours

Jeff Hardy has excited ‘Broken Universe’ fans with a recent Instagram post of him decked in Brother Nero attire.

Since the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania, fans have been desperate for them to perform their much-loved ‘Broken’ characters. Instead, WWE has presented them as a nostalgia act, similar to how the Dudley Boyz were used when they returned in 2015.

It’s not WWE’s fault. Anthem, who own Impact Wrestling, have claimed ownership of the characters because they were created on their watch, and have refused to allow Matt and Jeff to portray the roles anywhere else. This sparked an expletive-filled Twitter rant against the company by Matt’s wife Reby and public outcry from fans. It also caused problems for Ring of Honor on their 15th Anniversary pay-per-view when Impact underhandedly sent a cease and desist to pay-per-view providers carrying the show.

More recently, Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm leaked private conversations with Matt, and emails between him and WWE regarding the possibility of making a deal for the rights to the gimmick. In those emails, the company seemingly expressed no interest in the characters, though that goes against all other reports – and basic common sense – which state that WWE sees huge marketing potential in the act.

Jeff’s post will send the rumour mill into overdrive once again, especially the simple but telling “BeNero” comment underneath the image. It seems inevitable that a deal will be worked out eventually, based on this small evidence, it may have been already.


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