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Who Is Behind Kurt Angle Text Scandal?

According to Dave Meltzer, the likelihood is that the person behind the mysterious text Corey Graves showed to Kurt Angle on Raw will be revealed as Stephanie McMahon.

The insufferable Steph has not been seen on WWE television since going through a table at WrestleMania, but a combination of low ratings (WWE always turns to McMahons in these situations) and her general need to dominate Monday night’s with her omnipotent presence means a return is imminent.

It is expected that Stephanie will butt heads with Angle, renewing their relationship from 2000 which at the time was one of the highlights of the show. Angle and Stephanie had great chemistry during their Chris Kreski-penned love triangle with Triple H, something WWE will no doubt be hoping to recapture when McMahon returns to television. Let’s just hope she doesn’t spend each week emasculating him and treating him like her bitch as she did with Mick Foley during his short run as General Manager.

Quite why Stephanie was texting Graves, of all people (assuming it was her who sent the text) remains to be seen. Inevitably this is all leading to a Kurt Angle vs. Triple H showdown at WrestleMania, where ‘The Game’ can once act pretend to be the true star of the Attitude Era and beat yet another popular legend whom fans care about.


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