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WWE Phasing Out Blu-ray Releases

Due to poor sales, WWE Home Video is reducing the amount of titles which receive Blu-ray releases.

DVD’s – which remain the biggest sellers by some distance – will still be plentiful, but the company will be more selective about which titles receive the Blu-ray treatment.

According to WWE Home Video UK: “Some past titles have been slow sellers on Blu-ray so we’re considering each title and whether they are commercially viable on both formats. Unfortunately when it comes down to one or the other, DVD is still the most popular format by a wide margin.”

The remaining 2017 schedule sees only three upcoming titles set for Blu-ray releases, which are the upcoming documentary sets Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story, 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude Era, and NXT: From Secret To Sensation.

Other scheduled releases (Seth Rollins: Building The Architect, Double Feature: Payback & Backlash 217, Double Feature: Extreme Rules & Money In The Bank 2017, Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection, and WWE Unreleased: 1986-1995) will be DVD only.


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