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WWE Names New Women’s Tournament

Triple H revealed today on Twitter that the upcoming WWE Women’s tournament will be officially called the Mae Young Classic.

Young had a career spanning over 60-years but was most notable for her antics well into her 70s when she became a regular part of Attitude Era programming alongside real-life best friend The Fabulous Moolah. She was involved in several memorable skits, most famously one in which she bizarrely gave birth to a hand several months after copulating with onscreen boyfriend Mark Henry.

In another unforgettable segment, Young stripped off at Royal Rumble 2000, revealing her (prosthetic) breasts to a shocked Madison Square Garden. The incident horrified Channel 4 in the UK, who were airing a WWE pay-per-view live for the first time, causing them to show all future PPV’s on a 50-minute delay.

Young stayed physically involved in WWE angles years after receiving her OAP bus pass, taking a ridiculous bump from the entrance ramp through a table from Bubba Ray Dudley as part of the Dudley Boyz’s quest to “table” all of the women on the roster.

As fondly thought of as she is, Young is not the most obvious choice to have a women’s wrestling tournament named after her. However, the other strong candidate The Fabulous Moolah has a lot of negative stigma attached to her because of the way she conducted business and treated her fellow female athletes during a time where she was in charge of their bookings. The likes of Mildred Burke and Manami Toyota have no WWE history, so they were never going to be considered for the honour.

The reality is that Stephanie McMahon was very close with Young, and the naming of the tournament is as much for her as anything else.

The 32-woman tournament takes place on July 13 and 14 at Full Sail and will air on the WWE Network. Jim Ross will be part of the announce team, and the winner will be crowned in a live special. No names have been officially announced yet but the likes of Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo, Nixon Newell, Kimber Lee, and several of the top women unattached on the independent scene are expected to be involved.


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