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A New Low For Raw

It’s becoming a worrying trend for WWE: for the third time in four weeks, Raw set a record low rating with last night’s broadcast.

The show pulled an average of 2.61 million viewers off hours of 2.66 million (8pm), 2.76 million (9pm) and 2.43 million (10pm). As per the past few weeks the broadcast was going up against the NBA and NHL, though the numbers for both games were down from last week, so the drop cannot be attributed to that alone.

Some viewers were likely lost to ongoing coverage of the atrocities in Manchester, but the biggest drop in audience was the 12-17 demographic, which is not the news audience.

Most worryingly, Raw started out with its lowest first hour number in 20 years, below New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, and the Trump-Clinton debate. It did pick up slightly in the second hour – which defies usual convention – then dropped considerably for the third hour. The third hour was probably not helped by a second Roman Reigns match after he had already wrestled in the first hour.

The drop is a 20% decline compared to this time last year, which is the biggest year on year decline of the year. Only twice in 2017 has the number increased from the same period in 2016 (1/30 – the day after Royal Rumble, and 4/17).


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