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The Rock Comments On Becoming President

It’s perhaps the craziest wrestling related story of all time – former multi-time WWE Champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is seriously considering running for President in 2020.

The story first picked up steam in January when he told GQ that he “had not ruled politics out” and that the thought of being President was “alluring”. Two weeks ago, Johnson told GQ in a follow up interview that that giving up being the highest paid movie star in the world to run for President was “a real possibility.”

Earlier this week a Public Policy Polling result showed that the ex-wrestler was already favoured (by a margin of 42-37) by voters when asked who they would choose to elect between Johnson and current President Donald Trump.

Johnson appeared this week on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote his latest blockbuster movie Baywatch, taking time out to address the Presidential talk:

“The surge and groundswell has really been amazing,” said Johnson, “I’ve really been blown away, it’s so flattering.”

When pressed as to why he had so much support – from a general public far and wide, way beyond just wrestling fans – Johnson theorised: “I think over the years I’ve become a guy a lot of people relate to. I get up early in he morning at a ridiculous hour and go to work. I spend time with the troops. I take care of my family. I love taking care of people. I think that kind of thing really resonated with people, especially today.”

It seems that what likely started as an offhand comment has quite quickly turned into a potential reality. Jesse Ventura, Atsushi Onita, The Great Sasuke, Rhyno, Kane, Ludvig Borga, and Linda McMahon have all dabbled in politics to different degrees of success, though it goes without saying that Johnson becoming President would eclipse all of those achievements combined.

Not that he would be the first pro wrestler to swap the squared circle for the oval office – the great Abraham Lincoln spent some time wrestling in his youth back in the 1800s.

If you are a gambler, you can get odds of 25/1 for The Rock to become President in the 2020 election. We suspect that as this campaign begins to pick up steam, those odds will be significantly slashed. It seems ludicrous, but then, a few years ago so did the idea of Donald Trump as President. Stranger things have certainly happened.


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