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WrestleFest ’88



Arnold Furious: It didn’t take the WWF long to figure out there was money in exploiting the WrestleMania card beyond ‘Mania itself, by taking it around the horn and generally giving people matches that related to what they’d seen on PPV. For example Bret Hart’s face turn happened at ‘Mania IV so he’s programmed with Bad News Brown here. Plus you’ve got Rude and Jake sorting out their differences and you would have DiBiase going after Savage’s WWF title if that match hadn’t been clipped and saved for a Savage tape release. The actual show featured 15 matches, so some of the clipping is acceptable. Mainly, so I don’t have to sit through Brutus Beefcake vs. Hercules or Haku vs. Sam Houston. Hosts are Sean Mooney, Alfred Hayes and Superstar Billy Graham. Not an ideal line-up of commentators. The venue is Milwaukee County Stadium and they’ve got seating all up to the ring so it looks big.

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